Xlure Checkpoint

A Xlure Checkpoint should be every controller’s first choice for the monitoring or mass trapping of stored product pests.

This unique trap with its bold checkpoint pattern is designed to visually attract insects in addition to the pheromone lure, creating a powerful attractant combination that stimulates both the visual and olfactory senses of the target pest resulting in highly effective trapping and monitoring.

The Xlure Checkpoint Liners are prebaited with pheromones and sticky in order to restrain the moths in side the trap.

The Checkpoint Recharge Lure is made specifically to be used in conjunction with the Xlure Checkpoint Trap and contains a Plodia/Ephestia pheromone. 

Benefits of Xlure Checkpoint
  • The pheromone plus visual attractant makes for a powerful combination to successfully lure target insects
  • Suitable for a range of species, removing the need for multiple traps to save you time and money
  • Compact, robust and easy to assemble.
The Solution

Xlure Checkpoint combines a strong visual attraction with a powerful pheromone lure to give the extra edge in food moth monitoring. The Checkpoint trap also incorporates a pre-baited sticky liner which attract foods moths as well as restrain them inside the trap.

Target Species

Indian meal moth                     Plodia interpunctella

Mill moth                                  Ephestia kuehniella

Tropical warehouse moth        Ephestia cautella

Warehouse moth                     Ephestia elutella

Cigarette beetle                      Lasioderma serricorne

Life Long Moth Catcher

The Xlure Checkpoint trap is robust, durable and reusable making it the cost-effective choice for the pest controller.

Simply clean out the trap and insert a fresh pheromone dispenser and sticky liner once full.

It is recommended that Xlure 4seasons from Russell IPM be used in conjunction with the Xlure Checkpoint trap, this pheromone lure lasts for 3 months – reducing servicing times and saving you money.