Xlure FIT Kit Overview

Xlure Fit (Fabric Insect Trap) is a trap for fabric insects that contains a special mix of attractants and insect pheromones.

Designed to target the most common and problematic cloth moths and carpet pests that destroy textiles and fabrics.

  • Sturdy plastic shell with replaceable ready to use cartridge.
  • Combines pheromones and attractants for monitoring a number of insect species that affect fabrics, carpets and clothes.
  • Insecticide free and non-toxic.
  • 360° access for insects.
  • Designed to provide an attractive sheltered environment to target insects.
  • Trap top completely covers the slotted base, preventing dust and debris accumulation.
  • Angled body on the trap facilitates the upward movement of insects. Rough texture around trap base aids pest grip.
  • Slick Teflon interior oiled with attractant that makes insect escape impossible.
  • Durable, compact trap easy to install with a spill proof replaceable cartridge.
  • Tether system available to secure trap in place preventing unwanted removal/displacement.
Target insects

Webbing cloth moth, Tineola bisselliella;
Case-making clothes moth, Tinea pellionella;
Brown house moth, Hofmannophila pseudospretella;
Black carpet beetle, Attagenus unicolor;
Varied carpet beetle, Anthrenus verbasci.

Where to use

Homes, apartments, museums, retail clothing warehouses, clothing manufacturers, textile and carpet retailers.

Product codes

CAT-XLURE-FIT-KIT – Xlure FIT kits – Box of 5 traps and 5 refills
CAT-XLURE-FIT-REFILL – Xlure FIT refills – Box of 10 refills