Xlure FIT

An innovative fabric pest monitoring trap. 

Regular monitoring of an environment with the potential for infestation by fabric pests is essential in detecting problems early.

Therefore, Russell IPM has developed Xlure FIT, a single trap that ensures fabric pests are rapidly spotted to enable timely and effective treatment.

Once your trap is full of insects, simply use one of our refills to replenish the trap without the need to purchase a new trap.

Benefits of Xlure FIT

Pest controllers who service museums, stately homes, clothes shops, carpet warehouses or anywhere that is textile dense will benefit from the Xlure FIT trap.

Installation of the easy to use and cost effective trap will allow pest controllers to spot an invasion of fabric pests quickly and easily, lessening the potential risk of damage and financial loss to important textile products.

Why Xlure FIT is the Solution
  • Cost-effective as removes the need for multiple different traps and has a replaceable cartridge
  • Easy to manage plastic casing with a clean and contemporary look
  • Trapping potential is maximised by having two unique entry points; moths enter keyholes on the upper surface whilst beetles can crawl into the trap from below
  • Natural and non-toxic so can be located in public places safely.
Target Species

Case making clothes moth           Tinea pellionella

Webbing clothes moth                  Tineola bisselliella

Black carpet beetle                       Attagenus unicolor

Varied carpet beetle                     Anthrenus verbasci

How it Works

Once activated, the trap works by releasing pheromones – airborne molecules that trigger a certain response in the insects – to attract the male before it has a chance to mate with the female.

These pheromones are released at a steady rate across a period of 6-8 weeks. Male moths enter by keyholes on the upper surface, while beetle species crawl up the rough surface of the trap which replicates the crack-like harbourages they favour.

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