Xlure Fly Boards

The Xlure fly board range is a selection of highly attractive fly boards designed in a variety of sizes suitable for all applications.

Made from a high grade quality material and glue which is approved by the FDA, the Xlure fly board range is a suitable alternative to pesticides especially around horses and livestock, and does not create unnecessary stress for the animals.

The Xlure fly board range can be used in a variety of applications from the home and garden to professional pest control in and around farms.
Simply place Xlure fly boards near where flies are a problem. Flies will be attracted to the specially designed colour and patterns.
The effect can be enhanced with an optional pheromone attractant.

When not in use, store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Trap Handling

Handle with care and protect skin from contact with the fly roll. Contact with the glue can reduce effectiveness.

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