Protect leather and other dried meats with the protein pest monitoring trap. 

Protein products such as hide and leather are susceptible to a range of pests that can cause severe damage and financial losses to the food and textile industry.

The Xlure HHB trap offers an effective means of monitoring at risk areas to reduce the potential for infestations and the costly outcome of dealing with the damage.

Once your trap is full of insects, simply use one of our refills to replenish the trap without the need to purchase a new trap.

Benefits of Xlure HHB

The Xlure HHB trap is a clean, safe and highly effective system that can be placed anywhere to successfully monitor insects.

The trap incorporates a multi-food lure and pheromone mix to ensure maximum attraction to the red legged ham and hide beetles that are common in homes, pet shops, curing facilities and any place dealing with dried meats.

Why Xlure HHB is the Solution
  • Cost-effective due to re-usable casing with money-saving recharge kits available
  • Targets range of insects removing the need for multiple traps
  • Suitable for meat curing industries, pet shops, unprocessed leather factories, delicatessens and other areas dealing with protein based products.