The Xlure multi-species beetle trap provides an enticing environment for stored product beetles.

This trap uses a powerful combination of pheromones and food attractants to monitor a wide range of beetles and weevils. This highly specialised trap is critical to the successful monitoring of stored product insects.

The trap is designed to attract and trap twelve stored product pests using three pheromones and two specialist food lures, scientifically proven to perform significantly better than single pheromone traps.

By targeting multiple species with one trap you can reduce the number of devices that need servicing, saving you time and money.

The Trap

The Xlure MST is a hard plastic trap made from Polypropylene, with an all-round crevice between the top and base of the trap. This means the trap is sturdy and reusable, with an enticing, dark and cosy environment to draw the insects inside. The top of the trap completely covers the slotted base, therefore the design keeps dust and debris out. In addition, the outer edges of the trap have been made rough, to help insects grip on and crawl inside easily, while the inner edges have been made smooth, to ensure that the insects can’t escape.

The Refill

The Xlure MST refill is formulated with three pheromones, and two specialist food lures. These attractants are sealed to ensure that the pheromones reach the end user in peak attractiveness. The oil inside the cartridge makes the insects attempt to climb out slippery, without using messy liquids that could potentially be spilled. If an environment happens to be particularly dry, additional oil sachets are included. The cartridges are also non-toxic, insecticide free and environmentally friendly.