Xlure Pre-Baited Fly Roll

Xlure Pre-Baited Fly Roll Overview

The Xlure fly roll is highly attractive to a range of flies combining the use of the house fly pheromone with a visually attractive fly pattern.

Suitable for a variety of applications, from the home and garden to professional pest control around farms and stables.

  • Available in 3 sizes with a width of 10cm, 20cm or 30 cm.
  • Rolls are 11 metres long ( The first metre is without coated pheromone to easily unravel and position in place).
  • Combination of pheromone and visually attractive pattern is enticing to a range of flies.
  • Insecticide free and non-toxic.
  • Effective alternative to pesticides.
  • High quality material and FDA-approved glue.
  • Provides long lasting protection for up to 8 weeks
  • Effective indoors and outdoors, wherever there is a fly problem.
  • Simple to use for amateur and professional pest control.
Target insects

Lesser housefly, Fannia canicularis;
Housefly, Musca domestica
and other house /stable flies.

Where to use

Outdoor seating, eating areas, gardens, pub gardens, resorts, parks, zoos, farms, stables, recycling facilities, landfill and waste transfer stations.

Product codes

CAT-XLURE-FR10-PB – Fly roll 10cm – 1 roll
CAT-XLURE-FR20-PB – Fly roll 20cm – 1 roll
CAT-XLURE-FR30-PB – Fly roll 30 cm – 1 roll


Pull out the first metre of roll to expose the start of the glued surface.

Where to place / Distance
  • Roll out the fly roll between two points near where flies are a problem.
  • Hang in the area that you wish to protect, making sure it is away from pets and children to avoid accidental contact.
  • For best results roll out in a warm sunny window or opening approximately 1-1.5 metres off the ground.
  • Replace every 6-8 weeks or when full.
  • Once the exposed surface is covered simply tear off and pull out a fresh sheet.

Store in a cool dry place for a shelf life of 24 months.