We are pleased to announce that Russell IPM has added a new Rice Weevil trap to its crawling stored product insect XLure range. 

The Xlure RWT trap has been specially developed to offer an effective means of monitoring areas at risk of Rice Weevil, to reduce the potential for infestations and the costly outcome of dealing with the damage.

Simply insert the cartridge containing the attractant into the red cover and the trap is ready to go.

The discreet and consistent performance provides an opportunity for early detection and more timely control.

The trap is ready to use.

Once your trap is full of insects, simply use one of our refills to replenish the trap without the need to purchase a new trap.

Why Xlure RWT is the Solution
  • Cost-effective due to re-usable casing with money-saving recharge kits available
  • Suitable for a range of premises: food manufacturing facilities, storage and distribution areas, retail stores that handle dried food, and domestic properties.
Target Species

Rice Weevil    Sitophilus oryzae

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