Manage male fruit fly and achieve up to 97% fruit protection with no residues on fresh produce

Zonatrac Male has a specially designed formula to manage male fruit fly species that respond to Methyl Eugenol. The wax emulsion contains a male lure with a low-dose toxicant
to kill the fly upon on contact.

Application of the Zonatrac Attract and Kill system has been proven to reduce fruit fly infestations substantially with up to 97% fruit protection achieved in recent trials.
Benefits of Zonatrac
  • Zero residues on fresh produce.
  • No blanket pesticide spraying.
  • Effective on both small and large scale holdings.
  • One application required for whole cropping season.
  • Available for all major fruit fly pests.

Why choose Zontrac?

Zonatrac is an advanced attract and kill system designed to manage fruit flies upon contact – with proven effectiveness at achieving up to 97% control. It is specially formulated to reduce fruit damage by targeting male fruit flies independently, separating the sexes to lessen the opportunity for mating. With the Zonatrac system, blanket spraying of the crop is not necessary, therefore the amount of insecticide required is significantly reduced or removed completely.