Safestore for Stored Product Insects

Insect pheromones, which are behaviour-modifying chemicals, elicit different vital behaviours in organisms, such as finding a mate, food, a home or repelling an enemy. Russell IPM manufactures a variety of traps that work with either of the 150 insect pheromones it offers. Chemical signals secreted from these pheromone traps causes a specific behavioural reaction by mimicking the naturally released pheromone. Sex pheromones, for example, attract male moths to the pheromone source, confusing them to enter the synthetic source of attraction. Pheromones are very target-specific, highly biologically active, effective at very low concentrations, and non-toxic to plants and insects. In combination with Russell’s simple, durable traps, pheromones are a preferred modern, safe and reliable form of pest monitoring and control for stored products insects.
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