Blackberry leaf midge, Dasineura plicatrix

Dasineura plicatrix is widespead in Europe and North Africa and an important pest of blackberries, dewberries and raspberries. Adults of the species lay their eggs on developing leaves in May and June, the larvae then curl leaves to form a protective gall; distorting and stunting vegetative growth. Dependent on conditions, there may be at least 2 generations per year. Blackberry leaf midge has recently invaded North America, where the stunting of crop growth caused by the pest can result in crop yield losses in excess of 50% during the following season. As part of an IPM programme, monitor adults using Delta traps with Dasineura plicatrixpheromone lures and Optiroll Super Plus (white-midge) for mass trapping.
Blackberry leaf midge


Nature of Damage