Citrus blossom moth, Prays citri

Prays citri is an important pest of citrus, especially lemons and limes. It is common in the Mediterranean parts of Africa. Depending on conditions, citrus blossom moth can be present throughout the year, with the number of generations varying between 3 and 16. Females can lay between 60 and 160 eggs on citrus flowers and young fruit and upon hatching, larvae bore into these flowers and fruits; destroying flower organs, significantly reducing the number of flowers that can carry fruit and disfiguring product. This can result in >90% reduction in flower production, causing a significant yield loss. As citrus blossom moth is present all year round, monitoring for the pest is essential. Use Mothcatchers and Delta traps with species-specific pheromone lures to monitor populations as part of an effective integrated pest management programme.


Nature of Damage