Vinegar Fly

Vinegar flies are a common nuisance pest in restaurants, grocery stores, fruit markets, canneries, homes, and other locations that may attract these insects with fermenting or rotting vegetative matter.

Vinegar flies are found mostly in over ripened fruit and vegetable matter, the flies are abundant in the late summer months especially when fruit begins to ripen and ferment.

Beer Fly
  • Larvae typically pupate outside of the food source after feeding for about one week or slightly less. The adult flies emerge in several says and become sexually active within two days. The entire life cycle is complete in 8 days.
  • Vinegar fly adults vary from 3-4mm in length; they are light yellow to brown in colour and may have darker brown markings . Most flies have reddish eyes.


Russell IPM offers a range of products to combat the vinegar fly at home and business. Our system includes Maxibait, Maxifly trap, Xlure Flyroll, and Xlure Flycatcher ribbons. The Maxibait is a natural fly attractant to be mixed with water and placed in Maxi fly trap. The Maxifly trap is an effective, high capacity and simple to use fly trap. The maxitrap uses the chimney effect to maximise attraction and successful trapping. This trap allows specially formulated attractant to be dispersed to almost 20 metre radius. The chimney effect also helps moderate the temperature within the trap so insects will continue to enter the trap on hot day.

The Xlure Fly roll designed with special colours and patterns for high level of attractant. It is easy to use anywhere the house fly presence is a problem. No pesticides used in the Xlure fly roll.
Xlure fly catcher ribbons are a highly effective and simple to use trap where flies and flying insects are a nuisance in and around the home. Simply pull the tap to extend the sticky fly roll exposing the high tack and attractive surface and simply hang in the problem area. The Xlure fly traps are packed in 3 and supplied with drawing pins for easy hanging. As with all our Xlure retail products they contain no pesticides and are Non-Toxic.