Lesser House Fly

Lesser houseflies, Fannia canicularis, are common pests in poultry, barns, stables, and homes in spring and autumn.

They have an erratic flight pattern and are often seen flying in large numbers around indoor light fittings throughout the year in heated premises. Though similar to houseflies, lesser houseflies have more slender bodies and a more hovering and jerky pattern of flight.

Lesser House Fly
  • Lesser housefly adults are 6 mm long with 12mm wingspan; It has grey/black body.
  •  Egg laying commences when the female is 10 days old. The eggs are banana-shaped, 1 mm in length and bear a pair of longitudinal ridges which assist flotation in a liquid medium.
  • The flattened, legless, grey-brown maggots hatch within 24-48 hours. Larval development requires a minimum period of 8 days, during which time the larva passes through 3 stages, eventually attaining a length of 6mm.
  • Pupation requires a drier location and lasts for at least 10 days. Development from egg to adult emergence takes 3 weeks, although cooler conditions prolong this period.


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Nature of Damage
  • Lesser houseflies, Fannia canicularis are nuisance fly and serious pest of poultry. They have an erratic flight pattern and are often seen flying in large numbers around indoor light fittings.
  • Adult flies carry pathogens such as protozoa, bacteria, virusses, worms, rickettsia and serve as host for Staphylococcus aureaus, Salmonella entireties, E. coli, Strep agalaciae and Strep agalctiae.
  • The lesser housefly makes longer flights and spends less time resting than the common housefly. Females of the species tend to remain near the breeding sites and only the males migrate. For these reasons Fannia canicularis is less prone to transmit disease than Musca domestica, but large populations and similar feeding habits mean that this insect, too, has a considerable potential to act as a vector of disease.